One Last Thing is a living archive of mail art. The project was launched in June of 2020, and postcard texts are uploaded here as they’re mailed in. 

Each postcard asks, “What is something you wish you had told someone in person, pre-quarantine?” 

Stamped and screenprinted postcards have been scattered around the city of Pittsburgh. Residents are encouraged to write their response and mail the postcard back, so it can be collected into this ditigal archive. 

This project is being funded by the Pittsburgh Office of Public Art

Are you in a relationship? Is there something you want to admit to your roommate, something you want to tell a relative or an old friend? 

All professions and confessions, admittances and acknowledgements, and what-if words welcome.


Make it a collage, too.

Add to the front of the postcard in any way you’d like. Pencil, paint, stamp, draw, doodle with Wite-Out.

Here are a few mail art designs that inspired me  ︎︎︎

And here’s the one you’ll see around the city ︎︎︎